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Body Fat
Body Muscle
Bone Mass
Basal Metabolic Rate
Calculation (BMR)
Body Mass Index
Calculation (BMI)


Body Fat Monitor with scale

Our Body Fat Monitor measures your BMR (basal metabolic rate) and BMI (body mass index) besides Body Fat, Muscle, Bone and Hydration with help of the bioelectrical impedance analysis which sends an imperceptible current through your body and conduct electricity at different rates. These rates are measured by the monitor. Our Body Fat Monitor processes this information combined with algorithms and data such as your gender, age and height.

4-sensor technology

Body fat assessment

Body muscle assessment

Bone mass assessment

Body hydration measurement

BMR (basal metabolic rate) calculation

BMI (body mass index) calculation

Weight mode

Built-in memory for 10 users


Auto shut-off

Maximum weight 180 kgs

2 Year Warranty